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Via Serbia and Austria to Switzerland [13.-24.January]

Initially we wanted to visit more places in Greece but the weather wasn’t on our side. After four days on Greek beaches we decided to drive straight through to Austria, hoping for a warm welcome by Margit’s family. North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia greeted us with fog and more fog and night frost. We were lucky to find some lovely campsites which were open in the middle of winter, as we needed electricity to keep our auxiliary heating running during the night. In Austria we enjoyed a week of great food and company, before we headed via Wels to Zurich.

On the motorway outside Zurich a car slowed down next to us and started honking. It was Julia and one of the three kids whom we had met in Iran. What a coincidence (!) and it brightened up our gloomy mood. After 44’000 kilometers we pulled into our small dead end road and found ourselves back where we had started almost 10 months ago.

Settling back in Zurich has been a mixed bag so far. After all the freedom we had on the road, the tightness of our flat, the narrowness of the roads, parking, the traffic, the rules… all have been difficult to accept and we long for more space. This seems almost ironic after living within three to four square meters for nine months. But, we wonder, isn’t the end of such a trip the beginning of the next one?

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