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Ulaanbaatar to Elsen Tasarkhai [29 June -5 July]

After the Gobi Desert we went back to Ulaanbaatar because we were expecting a parcel with a spare part from Switzerland. After six days and several trips to the post office the parcel still hadn’t arrived and we decided to move on.

A few hundred kilometers further west we stayed two days at a small area of sand dunes called  Elsen Tasarkhai.  From our camping spot it was very entertaining watching Mongolias driving onto the soft sand of the dunes in their Toyota Priuses and getting stuck (The Prius is by far the most common car in Mongolia and they drive it almost everywhere. We have seen Priuses on tracks that we were very reluctant to take in our trusty 4wd). At the dunes we enjoyed the company Hanna, Basti and Stefan who had raced from Germany to Mongolia in their antique VW T3s.

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