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Western part of Georgia [2-6 May 19]

We had read and heard that Georgian driving habits are rather suicidal, so we expected the worst. So far it hasn’t been that bad at all. There are some unspoken rules (for example, when the road is wide enough there is an invisible third lane in the middle for overtaking) and roundabouts can be a bit tricky (generally, the one who enters it has right of way).

We spent three days in and around Batumi, a seaside town close to Turkey, waiting for the weather to improve to drive the Goderzi Pass. Once it cleared we had a wonderful bumpy ride up up and enjoyed lunch in the snow.

Video credit to Tony_on the road

At the entrance to Borjomi National Park we found a perfect campsite and shared bonfire and distinguished drinks with other travellers and overlanders for two days.


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