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Xhiva and Karakalpakstan [15.-20.Oktober]

After Bukhara the next ‘must see’ place is Khiva. But before visiting another tourist hot spot we longed for some wild camping in the desert, so the ring of ancient crumbling fortresses in Karkalpakstan was very welcome. We even spent a night within the walls of one.
Khiva is another city-museum with beautifully restored mosques, minarets and palaces, and similar to Bukhara we were not the only ones strolling in the streets of the desert town.
After Khiva we found another lone fortress on the way north where we enjoyed a quiet night with spectacular view, amazing sunset and wolves howling in the distance.
Before crossing into Turkmenistan we visited the Savitzky Museum in Nukus, a somewhat Soviet version of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. It contains the largest collection of art which was forbidden during the Soviet era. In Nukus we also said goodbye to our travelling companions Laura and Alex. On and off we had been on the road together since the Bartang Valley in Tajikistan.

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