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Altanbulag to Ulaan Bataar [12-17 June 2019]

We were really looking forward to Mongolia and after passing the border (no problems whatsoever) we were not disappointed. Very soon the first gers (jurtes) appeared and the threeless steppe spread on both sides of the road. On our way to Ulaanbaatar we detoured to the monastery  Amarbayasgalant, one of the few Buddhist monasteries left in Mongolia. To get there we drove our first 35 kilometers ‘offroad’ in Mongolia, a main road on the map but it was a track (better: many tracks that lead into the same direction and you are free to choose) with corrugation, inclines and ruts; a good introduction of what driving is all about in this country. 

In Ulaan Baatar we spent some days in the newly established River Point Lodge 20 km outside the city – highly recommended for all overlanders – and visited the center of the city and the main market.

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