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Kazakhstan [31 July – 10 August]

Even though we were looking forward to visiting Kazakhstan initially, we had mixed feelings when we entered as we heard and read a lot about terrible roads and corrupt traffic police. So we didn’t expect much. Yes, some roads were bad, bumpy and potholed, and imagine driving on brand new asphalt but there is a speed limit of 50km/h (no road markings yet), but Kazakhstan has been a pleasure to visit. The restaurants in Astana and Almaty were excellent, and we were impressed by a Gulag museum near Karaganda and the memorial for the dead in Spassk. We met up with fellow overlanders from Australia and Germany and had a great time together at Lake Balkhash and Almaty.

After Almaty we aimed for the Altyn-Emel Nationalpark, a large expanse of steppe, sand and hills. We braved the 40 degrees Celsius in the shade and explored the Singing Sand Dunes and Aktau Mountains very early in the morning. Before crossing into Kyrgystan we visited Charyn Canyon and spent two nights at an almost perfect campsite along the Charyn River

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  1. Amazing photos as always. I so look forward to reading your blogs. A far cry from a Metropolitan Tube journey from Wembley each day. Enjoy your travels. C x

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