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Southern Gobi [22-27 June 2019]

In Dalansadgad, the southermost town in the Mongolian Gobi, we stocked up on supplies and drove on to  Yoliin Am, a place also called the ‘Ice Gorge’ because in the narrow gorge there is ice and snow throughout the summer months. When we visited it was cold and rainy, not what we would have expected from a desert.
We avoided the extra 250 kilometers of nerve wrecking and suspension damaging corrugated tracks to the sand dunes and instead spent three days in and around Bayan Zag, another area of picturesque rock formations, also called the Flaming Cliffs. Here we enjoyed the company of Melanie and Jonas from Luzern who are touring in their Defender.
To finish off our Gobi Desert adventure we took a track through a small mountain range described in an off road guidebook. Up to the pass we followed well used tracks, but after a turn-off we found ourselves in a dry riverbed where no-one had driven since the last rain a few days ago. While Daniel drove ahead in the bumpy riverbed, managing inclines and washed-out passages, Margit rather walked the 6 kilometers until the mountains gave way to a stunning view of desert plains. From there it was an easy way down to the next village and back to Dalansadgad.

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