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Northbound [10.-16. Dezember]

Because of the cold we decided to postpone all the appealing sights in the west and north of Iran and take the straight road to the boarder with Turkey, but not without taking the sights along the way.  Soon we were driving in snow-covered landscape and had sub-zero temperatures at night. Luckily, after some issues with our auxiliary heater earlier on our trip, it worked again fine for some hours in the evening and morning.

In Tabriz we visited our last bazaar, then took a side trip to Kandovan where dwellings are built into rocks, and finally got a glimpse of massive Lake Urmia.

With a small tear in our eyes we left Iran after more than seven weeks travelling this astonishing country. It had surpassed all expectations. The sights and landscapes were spectacular and the people have been the friendliest, most helpful, curious, hospitable and generous we’ve met on our trip.

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