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Arkhangai to Altai [10 -18 July]

From Kharkorin we decided to head northwest via the road that some call the lake-, middle- or northern route. We had heard stories that this road might not passable after heavy rain, but either we were lucky or it hadn’t rained much for some time and we were happily driving along on manageable dirt tracks or newly brand-new asphalt roads. Heading northwest we camped at a volcano and spent some unforgettable nights at high-altitude lakes. At Ulaangom we had to take a sharp turn south as the road further west was impassable because of several deep river crossings. On our way south we had the pleasure to cross two rivers as well, even if they were only shallow.

In Khovd we turned north again through the Mongolian Altai mountains towards Ölgii and then the border. Ölgii astonished us as a vibrant town with a strong Asian/Kazakh feel to it. With a bit of melancholy we said goodbye to the steppe of Mongolia with its yurts, nomads, herds, ever-changing skies and masterful colours, but the Altai mountains and the Kazakh culture in Ölgii has given us a new spirit to move on exploring the peoples and landscapes of Central Asia.




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